8 simple ways to make shopping malls energy efficient

Shopping malls use energy in different forms, depending on the products and services offered by retails stores operating at the facility. Energy use, hence, adds up to the operating costs of running a business. Therefore, efforts should made to eliminate avoidable energy losses. Given the nature of individual operations, the measures adopted by each of them to boost energy efficiency may vary.

If you want to know what you can to do make the place more energy efficient, these 7 will help you get started -

  1. IOT integrated monitoring and managing of devices- Internet of Things

    By integrating all the building devices into a IOT system where each devices power consumption and usage be controlled and monitored remotely, the user can turn OFF/ON devices based on when they are required to be used. By using an intelligent programmable IOT-based control system, you can increase your energy efficiency drastically.

  2. Energy capacity scheduling

    Another reason why your mall might be underperforming compared to other malls in terms of energy savings is energy capacity scheduling. Evaluate and monitor the number of hours a day, the systems are left on. If your mall is open for about 12 hours a day, you should not be consuming energy for more than 12 hours a day.

  3. Buy Energy efficient devices

    Energy efficient devices may cost more upfront, but they are going to consume less, saving you more money in the long run. Their price is decreasing, because, nowadays, being energy efficient is becoming a standard that a lot of companies try to keep.

  4. Benchmark your building

    Nowadays, it is imperative that all building and enterprise owners get their buildings audited by an energy auditing firm. This will show you where you stand in terms of energy usage and informs you on how you should improve your energy efficiency.

  5. Take care of your surroundings

    Planting trees outside your facility can make a big difference in your energy bills. In the summer, the shade can help reduce cooling costs. In winter, trees can provide a wind break to make it cheaper and easier to retain heat inside.

  6. Renewable energy

    With the increasing popularity in Solar and Wind technology, it is ideal to set up battery powered rooftop solar (photovoltaic) system or wind turbines atop the shopping mall. These systems can offset your energy demand by more than 50% and reduce your operating costs immensely. With a payback period of a couple of years, renewable energy has never looked better!

  7. Basic maintenance

    Tuning up your heating and cooling systems each season can make sure they are running at optimal levels and help diagnose problems before they occur. Simple things like changing filters regularly can make a big difference.

  8. Invest in an energy management system

    An energy management system will help you actively monitor and manage energy consumption of each component of your building. They not only provide you with energy consumption data for your entire facility, but they can also provide segmented data as well. Knowing exactly where your energy is being used can help you easily identify inefficiencies, and work on correcting them.

MinionLabs' Minion is a plug & play solution that collects the data and sends it to the cloud. The algorithms in the cloud then detect the appliances, and provide valuable insights which help the users save electricity costs.