The Global Investment in Energy Efficiency is increasing by 9% to $231 billion. The Rate of energy consumption is increasing in the world, among that End-Use sectors such as buildings are accounting for 58% of world’s total energy which consumed by appliances and lighting, stated by International Energy Agency. The Increased awareness in global carbon emission over the years, leading to the investments for implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings in order to reduce carbon Footprint. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) Report, the total energy consumption in the world rises from 575 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) to 736 quadrillion Btu in 2040, with the increase of 28%. This increasing factor will lead to disaster in future so the energy efficiency measures are essential to be adopted everywhere in the world.

The International Energy Agency states that, the world’s energy demand by 2035 requires 40 trillion USD investments, Energy efficiency policy can substantially reduce 30% to 80% of consumption and these measures can reduce the demand in future. Buildings consume 40% of energy in most countries; they realized that potential savings are made through informed decisions. These informed decisions on energy consumptions can improve efficient energy usage. Improving energy efficiency is the key to ensure safe, reliable and sustainable energy system in future and it is the quickest way of addressing the solution for energy security, environmental and economic challenges in the world.

Planning of Energy Efficiency at Affordable Cost

Everyday Million Tera-Joules of Electricity is getting consumed by mankind that is equal to 7.5 billion people of us boiling 70 kettles of water per hour and this figure increases every day. With the global population swelling and industrialization on the rise in developing nations, Humanity hunger for electricity has reached unprecedented levels. This will definitely end up in disasters like Climate Change, Global Warming, and Insufficient of Energy for Future Generation. According to World Energy Council report which was recently published in BBC World, there are political, economic and social issues at stake, but it may require each of us to make some fundamental shifts in our behaviour too where we can save the planet. And obviously that’s one of the Grand Challenges facing our planet today. And there is a substantial growth of Renewable sources at 2.6% every year till 2040. Even then it is predicted by World Energy Council that we might face a major disasters one among the following mentioned above by 2025 hence Energy Conservation by fundamental shift in behaviour is a must for Global Problem as well as for Personal Energy Bill savings problem. The behaviour pattern of Electricity consumption inside the building is determined by measuring each and every activity of mankind by tracking usage electricity consumption details at appliance or device level and that’s what our minion does. The planning of energy efficiency in educational institutions is by installing our intelligent minions which captures each and every appliance or device used inside the building and gives detailed insights on patterns and the ways to reduce the electricity bill.

The various benefits on implementation of Minion for improving buildings energy efficiency are mentioned below:.

  • The Buildings Electricity Consumption with various Analytics & Insights is feeded to an Internet based Analytical Dashboard where the user experiences at Real-Time.
  • With Historic Analysis & Co-relations, Users get to know where, why and for what they have spent most of their electricity inside their building.
  • Minion is highly intelligent which captures more than 1 Million data pattern of each and every appliances used inside the building and if any change in behaviour pattern is detected within the specific appliance, Minion immediately sends a notification about the incident to the user so that the user be informed what his/her appliance is doing.
  • These insights transform the users to achieve energy efficiency and reduce the downtime.
  • With the past & present data, Minion predicts the future Electricity Consumption at device level which unlocks Asset Efficiency & Warranty Analysis, Root Cause & Correction Exception Analysis and more to ensure that the user stays energy efficiency in upcoming years too.
  • The LPAA COP-21 is an accreditation given by United Nation Organisation (UNO) to low carbon emission buildings in the world, minion’s carbon Emission analysis delivers insights about carbon footprint level in user’s buildings which enables the user to help identify and reduce their carbon emissions in their buildings.
  • Minion improves both building’s energy efficiency and economic efficiency by measuring data which turns into actionable insights.
Value to Building Owner

We found that after the deployment of minions in the Greenwood High International School Campus on 2016 has given 20.2% net savings in the total electricity consumption of the campus on 2017. The reduction in electricity expenses averaged about Rs. 8, 79,791 INR in one year alone.

MINION – An Energy Efficiency Solution

Minion is the World’s Smallest Energy Auditing Device which is smaller than average man’s palm size. The Actual size of the device is 39 x 49 Millimetres which can fit anywhere. Our underlying features are:

  • PLUG & PLAY – On 3 steps, a layman can install the minion with our instruction manual & video. The Plug & Play solution doesn’t need any electrician or energy professionals for the installations.
  • COMPATIBLE – Minion is compatible in all Electricity Standards across the globe hence it becomes a Global Product. Minion is also compatible with all kind of Communication networks such as Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, where users can select the communication network at their convenience.
  • FLEXIBILITY – No Plugins or Software needed, just login with a browser & start tracking. Online Firmware Up gradation, Inbuilt last 30 days of memory are added flexibility which makes Minion stands out in the Market.

Problems Rectified

A. Fault Detection in Lighting Systems

In November 2017, the lighting systems in the boy’s hostel have produced some unusual pattern in the energy usage. It rose an hour in midnight, spiking up to 78 kW and then dipped and rose again to a constant amount of 26 kW until 6am.This issue was detected by Minion through its appliance level insights. The building operator evaluated the lighting system in boy’s hostel by viewing these insights which results in device tampering, produces abnormal energy consumption in the building. Minion discovered anomalies which consumed abnormal energy in the school campus buildings.

B. Abnormal Energy Consumption in HVAC

In May 2017, Minion found that, although cooling system in HVAC is programmed with high peak of 32 degree of cooling and 10 degrees of heating and 22 degrees of ventilation. The heating unit remained off, cooling and ventilation flowing in adequate rate in the office building in school. It produces more cooling, rises to high temperature which feels uncomfortable for occupants. This anomaly causes abnormal energy consumption in building, detected by minion and building operators evaluated the HVAC system; it results in failure of sensors which remained off the heating unit. The fault is recovered by insights delivered in minion’s dashboard.

Energy Efficiency is the wave of the future. The world is transforming exponentially towards energy efficiency to make the mankind to reconnect with nature, environment protection and sustainable living. The lack of regulatory measures, the lack of information and awareness, and the lack of technical capacity to identify and evaluate the energy efficiency measures are the barriers for achieving it. The failure to practice energy efficiency on these barriers is typically one of the most important factors for the buildings. Implementing Minion as an energy efficient measure is a cost effective action comparing to the benefits it delivers in the short term. These benefits ensure that the implementation of good energy efficiency measures in buildings around the environment will contribute continuously in profiting them for a long time. This provides an excellent investment and reduces electricity bills.