Hospital buildings account for heavy amount of energy consumption due to their 24/7 operations for patient care and other requirements. This consumption rate is larger than other commercial buildings. Hospital building needs uninterrupted and stable supply of electricity without any fluctuation for their operations. The aged and aging equipment in the hospital infrastructure can account to low energy efficiency because of its high energy consumption. The electricity distribution systems in hospital buildings are more complex because any changes in the energy performance will impact on other aspects. The energy consumption rate in hospitals and clinics are depend on the factors like dimensions of the building, the activities done in the specific areas and types of electrical equipment used inside the building.

Equipment’s behind high energy consumption:

Indoor air quality (IAQ) levels must be maintained in appropriate ratio in operating rooms, Emergency rooms, Intensive care units (ICU) and laboratories which require 20 to 30 air changes per hour to prevent the spread of disease in the ventilation system which consumes huge electricity by fans for proper circulation. These rooms require special HVAC pressurizations which run on over-pressure for protective isolation from airborne infection and quarantine rooms require negative pressure and UV lights for infectious isolation.


Minion is the World’s Smallest Energy Auditing Device which is smaller than average man’s palm size. The Actual size of the device is 39 x 49 Millimetres which can fit anywhere. Our underlying features are:

  • PLUG & PLAY – On 3 steps, a layman can install the minion with our instruction manual & video. The Plug & Play solution doesn’t need any electrician or energy professionals for the installations.
  • COMPATIBLE – Minion is compatible in all Electricity Standards across the globe hence it becomes a Global Product. Minion is also compatible with all kind of Communication networks such as Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, where users can select the communication network at their convenience.
  • FLEXIBILITY – No Plugins or Software needed, just login with a browser & start tracking. Online Firmware Up gradation, Inbuilt last 30 days of memory are added flexibility which makes Minion stands out in the Market.

Deployment of MINION in Hospital

Predictive Maintenance:

The hospitals has to operate 24/7 for 365 days in a year and the usage of high cost asset equipments like CT scanners, MRI machines and other medical equipments consumes enormous amount of energy. The deployment of minion will capture the micro second energy consumption data of high cost devices and other medical devices in the hospital. Based on the historical data of energy consumption pattern of the devices, Minion identifies the chances of downtime and electricity guzzling activities on devices in prior and notifies to the building manager in order to avoid downtime and low productivity. This insight from minion will help hospitals to gain 99.9% productivity on machines around a year and also extends the lifetime of machines beyond warranty and guaranty period by predictive maintenance features.

Energy Savings in Healthcare Center:

Minion has been deployed in a healthcare center to find where their electricity costs are high. It collected the energy consumption data for over some range of months to estimate pattern of energy usage and it delivers the individual device wise energy consumption insights to the building operators of the healthcare center. These insights make them to identify CT scan equipment and HVAC are consuming huge amount of energy. Using the insights from minion, building managers had taken actions for minimizing the energy consumption and saving their energy bills from 5% to 15% annually.