Technical Specification:

Input Power: 24VDC, 1Amps
Power Consumption: 5Watts
Battery Capacity: 12 Hours Standby
Weight: 200 grams
Color: Milky White
Warranty: 1 Year excluding UV-C Lamps
Certification: ISO Safety 15858:2016
Product Description:

The Minion UV Saaph Mobile is the portable version of Minion UV Saaph Standard, and can be retrofitted to anywhere and everywhere. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery pack that can provide a power back up of twelve hours standby. The Minion UV Saaph Mobile is an IoT application and can get real time information on the ambient temperature and humidity of the place along with the number of times sanitization made per day data where it has been retrofitted.


Explore some of the use cases of Minion UV Saaph Mobile which we identified and working with the industry partners.


A Seoul-based scientist who demonstrated and proved 30-Second SARS-COV-2 kill using UVC.

[Moore, S.K. (16 April 2020). Ultraviolet LED maker demonstrates 30-second coronavirus kill. IEEE Spectrum. Retrieved from: ]