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What is Minion?

If you are running a commercial organization with heavy duty equipment being used each day, you can surely expect an electricity bill that would give you a heart attack. This does happen at the commercial level because there is no method to measure the number of units being consumed each day.

As a result, you have to pay whatever the electricity company throws at you at the end of the month. At times, this can prove to be very damaging. It is important for business owners to know which devices are consuming more electricity so that their usage can be minimized if possible.

Here are some questions that you should have in mind to avoid heft electricity bills.

  1. Which devices / machines are consuming a major percentage of electricity units?

  2. How can keep a track of the distribution of electricity units?

  3. What is the best method to view all this data in an organized manner?

A dependable data analytics platform

Today, smart phones have taken over the world and you have an app for almost everything. The best way to monitor electricity usage is to get hold of a smartphone app integrated with a monitoring device. This device should be able to keep a check on all electronic equipment being used and provide the user with a comprehensive report.

How does Minion Labs help?

Minion Labs has come up with a monitoring device that can keep a check on the electricity consumption of an entire building. The installation process is very simple and you need to pay large sums of money for technical assistance. In a nutshell, it provides a detailed snapshot of electricity consumption. You can also view the individual consumption for each device. Here is how you need to go about it.

How does it Work?

To use Minion, you need to follow an easy three step process.

  1. Place the minion device beside your main electricity meter.

  2. Connect the device to the internet so that it can save the electricity data on the artificial engine.

  3. Download the Minion smartphone app and sync it with the device.

Key Benefits

Why do you need to pay large sums of money as electricity bill when all that money can be saved? All you need to do is monitor the consumption. Here are some essential benefits which Minion puts on the table for its customers.

  • It is a very compatible device that comes with an easy installation procedure. You do not need to get additional shelves installed to keep it.

  • This device monitors each and every electricity device being used in the premises in both “on” and “off” states.

  • Minion works on the bases of energy data analytics. It gathers electricity data for all the devices being used and then saves it on a virtual engine. This data is then analyzed to determine usage patterns and waste. In other words, it provides the user with an easy but detailed report for electricity consumption. By viewing this report, you can see exactly where you can save on electricity payments.

Minion is a device cum SAAS (Software as a Service) and it is very easy to use. For installation purposes, you do not need to go through any lengthy complicated process. Along with that, you can view the electricity data analytics whenever you want to simply by using the Minion app on your smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

Minion is a one of a kind app that really puts an end to electricity wastage. It is a blessing for commercial business owners who have to spend large monetary sums unnecessarily on electricity bill payments.