The Most Important Gadget for the current Times needed in every household : MinionLabs UV Saaph

Macro Traveller Tech - October 2020

As we have posted about the award given by DPIIT to MinionLabs, this startup has been in the R&D and innovation from past 3 years and they have released many products which are helpful to both the government and common people. Creating a safe, standard, carbon neutral products has been an aim to this startup and here is one of the products released by MinionLabs to help during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic where they released UV Saaph. As coronavirus has been making its wave across many countries, a lot of R&D and Innovation has been conducted by scientists from many countries. MinionLabs also steps into the shoes to research a possible device to help eliminate the virus and they came up with the device named UV Saaph. Designed like a microwave oven, MinionLabs UV Saaph helps to disinfect surfaces from pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and virus which causes the disease to humans. The device with the help of using UV-C light which has a wavelength of 253.7 nm can kill these pathogens within 4 minutes and offers complete disinfection. The product is compiled with ISO 15858: 2016 safety standards and is manufactured according to ICMR guidelines, CSIO-CSIR lab certified and is NABL accredited and is tested by IADFAC Laboratory. With the help of UV Saaph, one can disinfect viruses and other pathogens from packages, deliveries, pieces of equipment and parcels within 4 minutes. Also, the device is suitable for residences, restaurants, hotel, retail stores, banks, commercial and non-commercial buildings. Also, this product can disinfect pathogens from food, food parcels, groceries, vegetables, fruits, gloves, masks etc.

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