What Startups Look For In An Accelerator: The Growth And Scale Of Indian Startups Amidst The Pandemic

Inc 42 - 16 November 2020

Ever since March 2020, we have all been talking about the pandemic and the various approaches homegrown startups took to survive it. While many startups pivoted their business models to adopt the trends of the market, others tweaked their products and services to cater to the prevalent challenges.
“The lockdown affected the acquisition of new sales for our business. To survive and grow in those scenarios we took a little different approach. We came up with a new product UV Saaph in March and completed all the certifications by May. The product has helped us survive the pandemic and the lockdown immensely,” said Gokul Shrinivas, CEO and founder of Minion Labs.
Bengaluru-based Minion Labs initially focussed on providing real-time insights into the energy consumption of electric appliances. Its latest product UV Saaph, designed like a microwave, enables the users to disinfect items such as grocery, food, supermarket deliveries, water bottles, utensils and more.

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About MinionLabs

MinionLabs is the World Leader in Energy Efficiency for Cities, Businesses, and Consumers for the Internet of Things. Our Artificial Intelligence-based products, systems, and services enable our users to be energy efficient, reduce carbon footprint, prevent climate change and make people’s lives safer and comfortable, and businesses more productive and cities more livable in a sustainable way. Visit us at www.minionlabs.tech