Indian Angel Network invests in MinionLabs; reinforces its drive to enable new-age tech startups in India

Express computer-28th February 2020

Indian Angel Network, the largest horizontal seed-stage platform in India, has recently invested an undisclosed amount in MinionLabs. The funding round was led by prominent IAN investors Kaushik Rajan of Kochi Holding Private Limited and R. Mohan Kumaramangalam. The Bengaluru-based startup specializes in providing real-time insights into the energy consumption of electric appliances through Minion, the world’s smallest energy monitoring device. Minion leverages a machine learning-based approach to power its cutting-edge algorithm to generate a comprehensive report on predictive analytics. Users can then apply these insights delivered by Minion’s analytical platform to drive maintenance, reduce electricity costs, and improve the productivity of their electricity-run devices. “We are part of the two most promising & exciting Industries of the future – Energy & Internet of things. And we are working in sexiest technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence,” Gokul Shrinivas, Founder, MinionLabs. “Our team of minions is changing the world by delivering energy efficiency through its state-of-the-art technology-based product. We work hard, are focused, have an open office culture, have guidelines but no rules and policies, celebrate successes, and enjoy hackathons and get-togethers.” Speaking on the investment, he added, “We are delighted to receive the support of IAN investors. We will utilize the capital infusion to ramp up our production, bolster sales, and expand our geographical footprint in the coming years.” Commenting on the investment, Lead Investor Kaushik Rajan of Kochi Holding Private Limited and R Mohan Kumaramangalam, said,

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About MinionLabs

MinionLabs is the World Leader in Energy Efficiency for Cities, Businesses, and Consumers for the Internet of Things. Our Artificial Intelligence-based products, systems, and services enable our users to be energy efficient, reduce carbon footprint, prevent climate change and make people’s lives safer and comfortable, and businesses more productive and cities more livable in a sustainable way. Visit us at