Is your idea a Eureka! Moment?

Economic times - 18th September 2017

100 billion cells in a human brain and more than 100 billions of ideas one can generate. The more ideas you appear with the more likely you are to find something very innovative. But how to find the one correct idea is a major decision. One disrupted idea can fill your pocket with billions and billions of money. Your only task is to find that idea, make a plan, and implement it. The easy it seems while saying, the thousand times it’s difficult to make it possible. But with the right guidance, one can make it possible. While analyzing your idea, think on the terms of your target customers, markets, feasibility, competition, long term goals, attractiveness, unique, will this make money, is this idea good or great? And so on. Without getting expert advice the task becomes hectic to answer these questions.

MinionLabs - Business Winner
Founder Gokul Shrinivas, Ram Praveen and Sourav Kumar Roy of MinionLabs, have the caliber, excellence, and achievement. They got recognized by the Eureka Event by IIT Bombay provided both national recognition and awareness of both our IoT device and SaaS analytics platform for accelerated innovation. Some say that you are judged by the company that you keep, if that is the case, then we are in great company, and proud to be amongst the peer group recognized by the Eureka Award. Because of the caliber of this award, and the recognition the award has brought us, we have now connected with some of the Eureka's today."

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About MinionLabs

MinionLabs is the World Leader in Energy Efficiency for Cities, Businesses, and Consumers for the Internet of Things. Our Artificial Intelligence-based products, systems, and services enable our users to be energy efficient, reduce carbon footprint, prevent climate change and make people’s lives safer and comfortable, and businesses more productive and cities more livable in a sustainable way. Visit us at