Minion Labs offers a new way to optimize energy savings for your appliance

TheCityFix Labs India / Your Story -April 9, 2019

Bengaluru-based Minion Labs is the world’s smallest energy auditor which can sense any appliance, device or tool switched on inside a building, with its individual consumption. Minion can give the user a comprehensive report on predictive analytics and maintenance by bench-marking a range of appliances. Smart meters require device-level sensors and capture limited data when it comes to energy consumption. To make it easy for consumers to choose energy efficiency, a Minion (derived from Mini + ON) only needs to be plugged into the main circuit and can discern how much electricity is consumed by each device. It requires only three steps to install and requires no plugins or software. Users can simply log in and start tracking and monitoring their consumption patterns. Minion is based on a machine learning approach that uses automation to train its state-of-the-art algorithm. The algorithm captures voltage and energy signatures at four million data points per second to identify individual assets used and study patterns of their consumption. Using this data, Minion promises up to 30 percent savings, predictive maintenance, and asset health monitoring, and ensures safety through the recognition of any anomalies. Founder Gokul Shrinivas has had a rather tumultuous journey up till now; a hockey injury impacted his school results and he was subsequently rejected for over 450 jobs. “After winning a coding competition, I joined Amazon, but quickly realized the IT arena wasn’t meant for me. I decided to leave and founded Minion Labs. And here I am,” he smiles. So far, Minion has won 19 national and international awards, including awards from the Prime Minister of India, and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. When asked how these awards have made a difference, Gokul stated that these awards have helped me get access to high-profile clients for pilots, like Saudi Aramco, and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

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