WhatsApp and Startup India announce winners of approx Rs 1.75 crore grant challenge: Details

Times Now - 18th June 2019

WhatsApp has faced a lot of flak for acting as the medium of choice for the spread of fake news in the last year or so. The particular issue has also ensured that the company has gained a lot of negative press for occurrences that were beyond its control.
However, it appears the biggest messaging platform in the world is all set to change the narrative by starting a number of campaigns and partnerships with important players in India. One of which is the entrepreneurial community in the country.
The five startups chosen for their innovative and impactful ideas were:

MinionLabs help businesses reduce electricity costs, leveraging a machine learning approach, and improve productivity by providing real-time electricity consumption insights. They have helped businesses save 12-16% on their annual electricity costs.

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About MinionLabs

MinionLabs is the World Leader in Energy Efficiency for Cities, Businesses, and Consumers for the Internet of Things. Our Artificial Intelligence-based products, systems, and services enable our users to be energy efficient, reduce carbon footprint, prevent climate change and make people’s lives safer and comfortable, and businesses more productive and cities more livable in a sustainable way. Visit us at www.minionlabs.tech