Great ideas of young, old celebrated alike at innovation awards

Times News Network 2018

Clearly there is no age for Innovation At the seventh edition of the CavinKare MMA Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards given away on Wednesday, an 84-year-old shared the stage with a 27-year old both receiving awards for their great ideas.
S Raman, 84, won an award for creating Nemow, a non electric manually operated washing machine, which he designed two years ago. "My low cost, easy to-use invention is targeted at people in the villages as well as senior citizens." says Raman Seated beside him was K Mohan Raj 27, an engineer from Erode receiving an award for e -Sword - a gadget that he feels will help keep women safe. The E -Sword is like a taser only it records the location and the incident on camera and sends the image to the nearest police station as well as the woman's relatives" it's non-lethal and works on fingerprint recognition." says Raj. CK Ranganathan, chairman and MD of CavinKare, said. "My father never patented his idea because he never knew he could. I don't want that to happen with other innovators" said Ranganathan. Gokul Srinivas for his energy and ting device 'Minion".

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