With an increase in the population of working professionals and students, the number of paying guest buildings and hostels has also increased.

But in the current scenario the occupants residing in the building be it a working professional in paying guest buildings commonly known as PG’s or a student in hostels at a boarding college and universities never tend to be cautious about certain things which of course they give much attention at their home… For example, they leave behind the fans, lights, geysers, chargers and air conditioners switched ON until they return back to their rooms.

And it even happens in common areas where television & other appliances which remain switched ON even when not in use. This is obviously a wastage of electricity which leaves high electricity bills and loss for the management.

Certain hostels and paying guest buildings have posed a restriction on usage of appliances and devices like Mobile phones (in certain colleges and universities for the students) and electric induction stoves etc., but the occupants still tend to use them without the knowledge of the building manager which also a loss for the management.

So, what steps do the management take to these days to tackle these problems?? Nothing much than appointing multiple persons to watch over. But still the problem persists and by appointing multiple persons, the management loss & cost is being increased only.

What if a smart device at an affordable price can solve all your problems?? Relieve you from stress?? And reduce your electricity bills and overall loss? Interesting right??

Minion, our compact device has come to free you from all these problems. Minion tracks each and every appliance and device turning ON and OFF inside the building and alarms the management in case of any negligence… It works beyond your expectations at an affordable price.

MINION – An Energy Efficiency Solution

Minion is the World’s Smallest Energy Auditing Device which is smaller than average man’s palm size. The Actual size of the device is 39 x 49 Millimetres which can fit anywhere. Our underlying features are:

  • PLUG & PLAY – On 3 steps, a layman can install the minion with our instruction manual & video. The Plug & Play solution doesn’t need any electrician or energy professionals for the installations.
  • COMPATIBLE – Minion is compatible in all Electricity Standards across the globe hence it becomes a Global Product. Minion is also compatible with all kind of Communication networks such as Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, where users can select the communication network at their convenience.
  • FLEXIBILITY – No Plugins or Software needed, just login with a browser & start tracking. Online Firmware Up gradation, Inbuilt last 30 days of memory are added flexibility which makes Minion stands out in the Market.