• Highly Integrated SOM (System-On-Module).
  • Easy to integrate with any Brand Appliances / Devices / Stabilizers / Switches to make it smart.
  • Single Phase Metering Functionality
  • Remote ON/OFF Control
  • Works on Wi-Fi / Bluetooth with Mesh capabilities.
  • Interoperable with other IoT Solutions (Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT)

Monitor and Control Electrical Appliances and Devices

The Minion Inside (SOM) have various applications for smart home, smart energy, smart office, smart industry and building management. The Minion Inside can monitor and control any electronics, reduce standby consumption, monitor energy use, create on/off schedules for electronic devices, and turn devices on or off remotely.

These SOM’s are highly integrated modules that get’s integrated inside the electrical devices and appliances irrespective of brand and make it smart.

The electrical devices integrated with Minion Inside can enable relatives to remotely monitor and turn off appliances when they were left on by accident. Minion Inside can also help to monitor the senior’s activity and use of appliances to give indications about their health.With Minion Inside, your customers can automate homes and buildings. Users can connect lights, a TV, kettle, microwave, or other electrical appliances to their smart system. They can turn them on and off remotely, set devices to turn on and off at specific times or in combination with a Window Sensor or a Motion Sensor Mini monitoring when someone enters or leaves a room.

The Minion Inside can monitor the energy consumption of appliances and help your customers to become aware of and reduce their consumption. With Minion Inside, users can easily turn off appliances and avoid standby consumption. The Minion Inside can indicate unusually high consumption and indicate problems with appliances.

Minion Inside

Minion Inside is the world’s smallest highly integrated SOM to make any appliances smarter. It provides real-time measurement and communication. The Minion Inside comes with Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and require integration with appliances / devices via manufacturers – the consumers just have to turn ON the appliance/device bought, connect with the gateway and can able to monitor & control the appliance through the manufacturer’s integrated app. The Minion Inside offers many different options depending on the software and appliance / device manufacturer and is the ideal choice for any IoT solution.