• Monitors the accurate energy consumption of an appliance or group of devices.
  • Remote control ON/OFF the appliances wherever and whenever you need using Minion Integrated app.
  • Schedule ON/OFF to automate the scenario.
  • Add triggers and policies to make even your decade years old appliances smarter.
  • Sleek and Modular design that offers flexibility with extension cable.


Minion EMS offers Sub metering solutions which provide sophisticated energy profiling which is unobtainable using the traditional utility meters present at the main bus bar panel. In order to achieve greater granularity in terms of the energy intelligence needed for conservation, electric sub meters continue to provide a cost-effective way to help identify energy consumptions.

Minion Smart Switch is a low power Smart Bluetooth switch with IFTTT enabled has the ability to capture the energy being consumed in a single appliance along with the feeds of NILM which helps to provide appliance level load consumption as it logs the events whenever it is turned ON/OFF. Moreover, sub metering with Minion EMS allows us to automate and control the appliances (ON/OFF) either based on a predefined policy or just because we want to do it remotely.

Being compatible with the leading industrial protocols, Minion EMS can act as a single point of contact that needs to be installed within an infrastructure to monitor and automate thebuilding's electrical and mechanical equipment such as power system, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, chilling, etc. and performing predefined policies based on recommendations, savings and consumptions will ensure sustainability and efficiency to the consumer.

Use Case

Consider you want water to be warm in the morning for you to take a bath. However, keeping the geyser on overnight is not a good option. With policies in place the Minion smart switches can automate this task for you and helps save energy. Now you may think that timers might also work but let’s suppose in case that you had a timer in place which turns on the air conditioner of your office room at a particular time but on an odd day you have to attend a meeting somewhere else and unfortunately the ac is wasting too much power. But with Minion Smart switch in place these unseen events can be tackled by overriding the policies and turning the appliance ON/Off at your will.

Energy Saving Potential: Up to 30% of the energy can be saved by using Minion EMS Submetering solution.